New Year's Eve in Kyoto

I had to go to Kyoto on New Year's eve on business, which turned out to be great. First I had an interview set up by an acquaintance of the Osaka European Film Fest. After, I went to Arashiyama for a photo shoot with Mark Rasmus, a kung fu and tai chi instructor on whom I'm preparing an article for the Kansai Scene. It turned out awesome as it was snowing heavily in Kyoto yesterday. Here is a shot of Mark, and the others I took after on my own. Thank gods my equipment is weatherproof!

The snow really created a grand mood

Humm, sake...

Cute, aren't they? Especially the small one on the right

My grad filter would have been nice here; had to burn the trees behind quite a bit

My fall leaf series continues!

Hankyu Arashiyama station is very beautiful, with or without snow


  1. Happy New Year it was great meeting all of you today. You can facebook me Tanikko Whiteside and send me that info on the hash runners please! Matthew Wallace from Maryland is also on Fb!

  2. Ah... Arashiyama... Urayameshii! Je m'ennuie parfois de cet endroit où j'ai habité un an. Et pendant mon séjour, il n'a pas neigé comme sur tes photos! Extraordinaire...