Images for My Child

I read in a new father's book that young children's brains get more stimulated by black and white images that by colour ones. I found this a little surprising, but apparently the high contrast is what catches their eyes and activates deeper perception. To this end, I've been looking at shooting geometrical shapes to then turn them into B&W. Using Nikon's 'Multiple Exposure' function (take more than one shot, and they're all stacked in-camera), I shot some blinds late this afternoon. But I must admit to prefer the colour version. I may print the B&W for my son, but I present you the colour versions.

Taken around 4:00pm

Taken around 4:35, which explains the gold colour

Then this evening, using graphic software, I played around with some shapes and colouring, inspired by an ad in the train for a graphic school if my memory serves me well. The original artist is much more talented than I am. Do you find this a little too psychedelic for a baby? I would definitely try to have friendly faces, as some of them do look perhaps a little creepy or scary. But as a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with it.

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  1. C'est super trognon, comme dernière image... J'aime beaucoup!