Força da Artre Batizado

Last Sunday, Força da Artre held their bi-annual Batizado (baptism), an event where new capoeristas get their first cord, and experienced ones get new ones. I was invited both as a fellow capoerista and photographer. Great performances all around. Congratulations to all, especially those who entered the capoeira family by getting their first cord. Axe!


On The All-Mountain Rokko Trail

Last Friday I hiked and jogged the All-Mountain Rokko trail for an upcoming Kansai Scene article. You can see the pictures here and read the account here. Enjoy!


FAM Course; Lesson 1 Done

Last Saturday Barry, Nathan and Toshiyuki braved the elements to come to the first FAM class. Since outdoor locations were a no-no, we changed the location and shot in Umeda, in and around the newly renovated JR Osaka station. Sadly, as we were on private property, we weren't able to use our tripod very much. In normal situations it doesn't bother me too much, but for an introductory photo lesson, it was a bummer. Oh well, we'll do better next time.

But in any case, judging by the comments from the guys so far, they weren't disappointed. We went over some basic and not-so basic techniques on getting the correct exposure in manual mode. For those who don't use it, it seems daunting, but it's actually simpler than it seems.

Anyways, here are some snaps I took, all converted to B&W with Aperture's Monochrome Mixer.


Practice Run; Caught Yellow-Mouthed

I think my friend Rik Sanchez (not safe for work), who recently did a fetish series with rubber duckies, might enjoy this one; well, I hope he doesn't enjoy it too much! ;o)


PR-y: Yes You May

Last Friday I went to Atelier Corners again to take pictures. Koh-chan felt pretty tired that day, although he did draw a little. Makoto-san was quite energetic and kept teasing the other artists by pretending (for the most part) to touch their belongings. Taku-san and Ya-san both finished a piece, while Mami-san started introducing colors in her artwork.

For me the best news is that Kasatani-san informed me that we were given the OK to publish pictures with the artists faces. Jump onto my website to see some pictures from all the shoots I did. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with Kasatani-san at his office; check out his company's website, it's pretty wicked; I especially like the ACCESS page.


Ryan Libre

Last year I took a one-day workshop with Ryan Libre, a photo-journalist based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His main subject are the Kachin people, a semi-independent nation living in Burma. Check out the video below to learn about him and his mission.


Photo Course

As was hinted about before, I'm offering a photo course here in Kansai for the people wishing to learn to use their DSRL to their full potential, allowing you, the photographer, to convey more precisely the emotions and messages you wish to share. I will offer the course for the first time from Sept. 24 to Oct. 8, with weekly, in-person lessons in addition to PDF documents and a private gallery to constructively comment on everyone's pictures.

A maximum of five (5) people will be admitted per class, and 2 students are already signed up. For this inaugural class, a big discount is offered, so get in touch with me soon (terophoto * at * gmail * dot * com) because from Monday, the offer is off to Facebook!