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My friend Cindy from Austrade invited my family and some of her other friends to her cottage on Awaji Island last Sunday. When we boarded the bus in Sannomiya, we met some of the other guests, and everyone got a little worried when we got off the highway and some rain started falling. But in the end, we got sunshine the whole through, we some cloud cover while some of us were down at the beach. What a fantastic day. Thank you, Cindy.

Here's a shot from the beach, about the only time the sky looked half menacing. Enjoy!


Body Art: Capoeira - Suzuki-san

Last Thrusday I met with Suzuki-san from my capoeira group to continue my series Body Art: Capoeira. We took the shot in Utsubo park, one of Osaka's biggest downtown parks. The shot went relatively well, with him doing a macaco, and me using my SB-800 in Repeat Mode - Commander along with my two SB-600s. I often forget to bring small things on photo shoots, and this time the item was pretty unexpected (although maybe predictable): insect repellent! As we were setting up, and between pictures, allowing my strobes to cool down, they devoured his arms and my legs! Luckily the next day there were no signs. Here's the shot, I hope you like.