AH-HA! You thought I stop posting pictures of my boy, uh? If you thought so you're probably childless, because of course MY kid is the cutest. It's pretty amazing how much they change in just a few days. His head is shaping up nicely, he cries less, doesn't wake when doing his thing or us changing him, and he can be awake without crying or drinking. Actually tonight he became pretty active once he woke up. Here's his little story.

Before waking, he was practicing his baby-fu with Morpheus

Woah, enough practice, this is tiring!

It ain't easy waking up, though!

Oh! What's that?

It's daddy with his big camera! Hey dude, whazzup?!?

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  1. lucky boy has a photographer for his daddy... keep shooting when he gets engaged a million years from now you can show his fiance all his adorable baby photos!