Your Flash Is Not Only For Night Shots

One little trick that people don't realize is that the flash is not only for night shots, quite the opposite. Actually, when you shoot people and pets, you should almost always use, especially during the daytime in sunny days. Used this way, what photographers call fill flash, it with partly remove unsightly shadows in the face and brighten your subjects.

Now the tricky part is that in most compact cameras, you need to go in 'manual' mode (which isn't like a SLR manual mode, don't be afraid to venture) to be able to override the camera's decision-making as to when to fire the flash. Typically, Auto modes when only fire the flash when little light is around. Below is an example of using the flash when the camera wouldn't have do so by itself, using my Canon compact camera. I guess I should have shot one without to compare, but I wasn't thinking about this blog entry when I shot it.

By the way, my friend Sly and I walked up and swam down the river you see (the bridge behind is Hozukyo station in Kyoto). How did I keep my belonging dry? Well, for my camera and money, I put them a Pelican Micro Case (I have the yellow one, which would be easier to find should it actually fall out of my bag while hiking/ trail running/ snowboarding/ swim, etc.), while I ziplocked my weatherproof cell phone. Then, I put it all in a hermetic tupperware-type container that actually has rubber bands to seal it better (they also keep your food much better than regular plastic containers). After wadding in the water a bit, I realized that the container alone would have been enough as the contents were completely dry. But then again, better be safe than sorry, right?


Pirate BBQ

The Pirates of the Dotombori were back onstage last night at Tins's Hall in Tennoji. The festivities started around 6pm with a delicious BBQ prepared by the establishment's chef. I had the lamb, which tender, juicy and delicious. I doubt I could have cooked better myself.

Then, around 8pm, the Pirates boarded the stage and amused the crowd with their antics. Forward-Reverse, Schoolyard Insult and Superheroes were some of the games they played, many of which I had never seen, even if it my third time seeing them. Again, a very fun evening, even if my head felt/feels like a ton due to a stupid summer cold (***ing hot to ***ing cold, ack to hot again, and so on). But no matter, it was great. Here's the final shot of the night.


Latest Fetus Picture

My wife went to the gynecologist this morning for a new echogram. The size is fine, but apparently the baby is a little low, and this could potentially complicate things a little, although we're not sure how. But I keep thinking that the baby will be fine.

Here's the latest picture, where the head, spine and ribcage are visible.


Ramada Hotel Beer Garden

Last night my wife and I were invited to the Ramada Osaka Beer Garden for an upcoming article for the Kansai Scene. A word of advice for those used to Japanese beer gardens, leave your preconception at the door! The usual cafeteria atmosphere is far away, especially in the special VIP sections which only add a small cost, especially if in a group. But book soon, as the whole place often gets sold out, and there are only a few remaining VIP sections seats available until the end of the season! Check out my article next month in the magazine and I leave you with a shot of succulent lamb chops and of the sunset, which was outstanding last night (good thing I brought my graduated ND filter)!


Honorable Mention

I just learned that the picture of Aya that I submitted for the June PPSOP.com photo contest, themed 'Shadows', had received and honorable mention. It's the first time this happens to me, and of course I'm very excited about it. Winning one of the top three prize would have been nicer, but this will only motivate me to take some even better ones in the following months. For July, the theme is 'Up', and I may already have my shot, one from my mom's trip here last April/May. Here's my winning shot, and all the winners can be seen here.


Kansai Scene Article and Capoeira Workshop Pictures

Last week the most recent Kansai Scene magazine came out. A very cool issue as remedy for the start of the suffocating season. The article I wrote and shot pictures for on Anthony Flenley, a miso maker, is in it on page 17 (my lucky number I suppose). You can read the article online here and below is a shot of the magazine.

Also, should you be interested, here are pictures from the capoeira workshop I went to last week. As previously mentioned, there was a SNAFU, I got there near the end, so I didn't have the chance to either do capoeira or take many shots. But the Brazilian music performance after was very energetic, and after a little while, I got a good set up with CTO-gel strobes on either side of the stage. You can see the result on my website, www.terophoto.com.


When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

This is one of Bryan Peterson, one of my PPSOP instructor, favorite quote. And this came true last Sunday when my capoeira contra mestre had made a major mistake about a different group's workshop. With three hours before my friend Christophe's exhibit opening party, I decided to walk and take advantage of a rare late sunny afternoon to go on a photowalk. Here are some of the shots.