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One-Day Exhibit

My friend Charles-Eric is hosting an Art BBQ as his housewarming party this Saturday. At his request, I will exhibit some of my work, this time focusing on my Takedao project. It's BYO for food and drinks, and if you're interested in coming, let me know and I'll give you the details. It starts at 17:30.


Vision of the Future

Until Sunday there is an art exhibit at SoHo Gallery with proceeds going to charities helping with the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. If you have the chance, drop by and buy something; Saturday evening from 6pm would be a great time as there will be a live performance!


Sharp Dressed Man

Kazuma dressed to the nines today for Father's Day. And as any baby, he got pretty greedy at the kaiten-sushi restaurant, but he kept quiet, so you'll hear no complaint from me!

So, what's next?

Rain, Rain, don't go away, little Jean-Yves wants to play

I visited a few galleries late afternoon Saturday and got soaked. Some were closed, and the opened ones had some great exhibitions. At gallery 22 Tu-tu the photographer was surprised to learn that I had lived on the street where one of his shot was taken. Gallery Beats, which is hard to find and worth the effort, had a BIG OSAKA group exhibition featuring amongst others Banri, whom I had met at Soho's Night group show. All print are BIG, I encourage you to go if you have the time today Sunday (last day).

I could be mistaken but it seems that this years is the rainiest rain season I've experienced in almost 10 years in Japan. But armed with my camera and with Soho's next group exhibition's them of water, I'm not complaining. By the way, I believe they still have some room for photographers to join, while Lou Camino's photo tree also has many slots opened for the seventh generation. Everyone is encouraged to join, whatever you feel your skills are.


I'll (sometimes) Miss My Current Place

As some of you may know, I'll be moving soon, not very far from where I currently live. We're moving into an actual house we were fortunate enough to get at a very advantageous price. You can see it below.

But there are days like today when I'll miss this apartment as we have splendid view for both sunrise and sunset (and the wind is pretty fresh in the summer, too). Tonight's sunset was grand. I'l let the pictures do the talking.


Nice Weekend

I had a good weekend, thanks to overcast/rainy days, Celio, and the ability to adapt to changing environments. Life is about change and adaptability; at micro, normal and macro levels. Here are some shots, mostly micro.

Shinkansen, under the rain, playing with
the next Fotografika theme, water.

Winner of the Osaka Comic Art competition; great pieces all over

Flowers outside my place


Kazuma vs. Godzilla

In reponse to my mother's challenge; the war has not been won.

Uh-oh, what is he doing here?

Meh, that's OK, I'm bigger than he!

So anyways, Godz, don't take this the wrong way, but
I always thought Mothra had cooler friends; I mean those
flute-playing twins were rocking! Do you have their number?


(No babies were hurt in the production of this story) 


Headspace: Monsters

Last night Saturday was the second installment of Headspace Gallery eponymous party at CafĂ© Absinthe. Like last year, it was a fantastic night spent with new and old friends alike, including some members of the Mud Clearing Crew, watching awesome performances, on stage and being drawn/painted on the walls. I don't go out to parties so much, but in my book this definitely rates as the best party in Osaka. Don't miss it next time around.

This year the theme was Monster and all art and most performances reflected this well. Some were of the fuzzy, cuddly kind, others were a little more grotesque. Again I shot with my double-gelled flash, and I'm happy with the over all feel. You can see the complete set here, and I leave you with three teasers, including a rare shot of myself, my rendition of a monster. By the way, on the way out Hiroshi Murakami took a picture of me, it could end up being published, but considering the model, it's rather doubtful!


Kansai Sludge Cleaners

Following my trip to Higashi Matsushima to assist with the cleanup and reconstruction, I wrote an article to guide people interesting in following in our footsteps. It is published in this month's issue of Kansai Scene, and you can find it half-way down the page on this link (picture by yours truly, shot from a tripod).