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Photo Shoot @ the Osaka College of Art

Rissi Inc. gave me some work last week, shooting graduating students, graduates and teachers for the next Osaka College of Art brochure. The shoots went well, even if on the first day I broke a strobe (luckily, I really only needed one, and I could find another used one for the second day). I'm not showing you pictures from the students and teachers; instead I'm showing you, in order, a student's project (my idea to show it as a bookshelf), one of Rissi's staff (while we were location hunting, she got a call) and some lockers (probably from the Game Design or Manga departments).

Kazmatazz at the Park

I know some of you like to see pictures of my kid. Here are some from a trip to the park this afternoon.


PR-y Cornerstone: Printed!

I had a photoshoot with Kasatani-san today and before we started work, he gave me a copy of PR-y: The Cornerstone. It's always cool to see your work in print, especially in a book. After work, we stopped by Corners to give them a first copy. Everyone was really stoked, and someone was shedding many tears of joy; I didn't take any shots of that, it didn't feel right. The book should go on sale on January 31st, I'll let you know about the selected shops that will offer it.

Kameraoke 6: The Party Pictures

Last Sunday was the Kameraoke 6 party and exhibition at Pine Brooklyn in Fukushima, Osaka. A crowd of about 200 came to check out the shots and vote for their favorites. My '6th Sense' picture (the one of the man seen from above) came in second in the Kansai Scene cover prize, while my 'Ashtray' shot came in second in the Smell category; close, but no cigar!

In any case, we all had a great time, and here are some shots from the evening, the last 4 are some of mine that were selected for the exhibition. Enjoy!


Film Fun

Cleaning and setting things up I found all kind of film. Most are long past their 'Best Before' date, from my pre-digital days, including rolls and throwable cameras. I've been having fun with them, and here are some results. All are color, although I converted a few pictures. Click to enlarge.

PR-y Cornerstone: In Print!

Some shots of the photo book during print tests. Looking forward to seeing the end result! Good job PR-y and Corners!


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Once again a FAM student asked me: What camera should I buy? In 98% of the cases, none. Is your camera broken? Do you need to sell pictures taken in dim light (good lenses are often the answer to that one, not the camera)? Do you need to exhibit a picture in ridiculous sizes (in which case film might be a better option)?

Learn to use a(ny) camera in manual mode, then learn to use YOUR camera [I still don't know (nor care) about many functions on mine], learn about composition, and then maybe your camera will start to really be an issue between your vision and your print.

In any case, an ode to ye ole' faithful, used this week.


Kameraoke 6 Party

The Kameraoke 6 party will be held on January 22 @ Pine Brooklyn from 14:00 to 21:00. The ¥1000 entrance will get you the chance to see some great photography from a wide array of photographers who played with theme: The 6 senses. Five of mine were selected by the organizers, but honestly I'm more interested in seeing the other people's pictures; I've seen mine already! Don't miss it, it's going to be a blast, and considering the time, everyone can come! And there'll be a teepee on the roof! A teepee!


Kansai Scene Article on the Rokko Trail

My article on the all-mountain Rokko trail was (finally) published in the January issue of Kansai Scene. Check it here.