Whipped Clouds

Perhaps due to the heat, but cumuli in Japan are something to witness. They can get so big, enormous, gargantuan, they are dizzying at times. No wonder most Miyazaki movies, Laputa: Castle in the Sky to name this one only, features the puffy clouds in one scene or another. Actually, in Laputa, the aforementioned castle, a sort of flying Atlantis, is hidden in a such a cloud, and access is rendered almost impossible by the howling winds and distorted magnetic fields.

With the recent days' heats, those fluffy clouds are out in full force. To me, along with the cries of the cicadas and the refreshing feeling of kakigori, cumuli exemplify Japanese summers. Here are two shots of the giants, and a sunset scene. Enjoy.


Fotografika IV: Nostalgia

Soho's Fotografika IV is starting in two weeks, and I will once again participate. This time around the theme is 'Nostalgia'. If you have the time, come out and check the pictures. With a good mix of international photographers, it should prove pretty interesting, as always. The only hint that I'll give about the picture I will present is that it's from a photo shoot I did in recent months that was mentioned on the blog. In the meantime, here's the invitation.


DJ Shadow

Last week Monday I went to see a DJ set by DJ Shadow. Most of the music was brand new, by friends and acquaintances of his. Contrary to many gigs, photos were encouraged and we can upload some on his website. It's free publicity for him and me, and here some snaps I took: this wasn't a gig for me so I spent most of the enjoying the great musical trip instead of taking pictures.

Art Photo Shoot

The photo shoot last Thursday went well. With my umbrellas and external flashes, I was able to get the results needed by the customers. As predicted, the paintings with gold proved the toughest, but everyone was happy with the results. With my customer's approval, here are three shots from the 3 different artists. In order they are: Masafumi TanakaTakuru Miyamoto and Yusuku Umakawa (no website)


Not All Photo Shoots Are Created Equal

Tomorrow I'll replace my friend Christophe on a photo shoot. One of his friend is creating a web site to sell art and they need pictures of the said art. Most shots will be pretty straightforward, but there are two lacquered pieces with gold leaves which will present a challenge. If time allows, we'll do some environmentals; I especially look forward to those!

As a result, I'm bringing most of my arsenal. I don't know who'll complain the most: my back or the people on their morning commute!