Kansai Canadian Association Polar Bear Swim

On January 1st the Kansai Canadian Association held its annual Polar Bear Swim at Maiko beach, west of Kobe. The strong winds notwithstanding, 15 or 16 of us braved the cold and big waves to take the dip. In addition to Canadians and Japanese, some Americans and a Czech national joined us. I handed over my camera to a friend for the swim shots, and I made a stupid mistake (sync flash speed) and the lens protector fogged up, so the actual swim shots are overblown, which gives them a dreamy feel. All planned of course... Enjoy!

Yes, it was windy!

Gerard likes his cameras; forgiven for being a Canon man

Welcoming speech

I like this one quite a bit, good one Kanji-san

Everyone, remember sandals next year!

Still alive!

Post-swim snacks and drinks

Getting ready to hit the warm pool

Too hot! Hot tub!

Gerard's impression of Jaws

This is the life
A little idea of the waves

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