For my friend Antoine

I took these thinking about my friend 'Lone Ranger' Antoine, who gave my wife the Vancouver 2010 fleece we use with Kazuma. A little useful trick when taking pictures of backlit subjects (the light behind them): put a letter-size piece of white paper in front of your subject to reflect some light back into their faces. I have some pro reflectors at home, but in the sake of simplicity and efficiency, a large Costco photo envelope did the trick here. If you look closely into his eyes, you can actually see its reflection! This trick is also useful when shooting in the daytime, placing the paper below to face to fill in the shadows created by the eyebrows and nose. Obviously, this only works with headshots. But enough technical stuff, here are the shots.

See the reflection at the bottom of HIS right eye?

We can see the reflection in both eyes

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