Day 2 for Kazuma Alexis

I promise, I won't pictures of my kid every day, but please give a 2-day old dad a break!

Yesterday the in-laws came to see him again. This time they had to look across a window, as kids have weak immune systems.

After they left, I got some personal time with my boy. Apparently he's crying a fair bit, usually quieting when he's fed. He must be hungry! While I held him he mostly stopped crying but after mom was gone for too long, even my best songs and rocking wouldn't satisfy him. I guess, not unlike his parents, his new life will take some time to really sink in.

As I had to leave at 8pm, hospital policy obliging, I had organized an impromptu celebration with my friends at the Blarney Stone, Shinsaibashi (Facehook is useful at times). On the way there, I took some shots of the Midosuji Illumination, here are 3 of the shots.

Then, this afternoon with some time on my hands, I used this last one and layered it with a picture of Kaz on day 1. The result isn't perfect, but it's fun to do. Enjoy!


I present you Kazuma Alexis

Born on December 28th, 2010 at 16:50 in Osaka, Japan. Boy  3,024kg 50cm 10 fingers and toes (phew!)

Labor went relatively well and once active labor started (took a long time to get there) he was out in under an hour, screaming on his own really quickly. I saw him come out, and it was an amazing experience to witness. For better and for worse, men don't get to experience directly the gestation and birth, but at least I could see him come out.

Anyways, I know most of you aren't here for my blah blah, so with further ado, I present you Kaz.

Shot about 5min after birth

In the blue corner, weighing at 3,024 kg (he was on the scale then)

I love his little frown on this one



On Christmas night Lagoa do Abaete Japao, with whom I play capoeira, had a roda followed by a party. Pino with his wife and 7-month old daughter, and Kame & Yuma, who's baby is about to pop, were some of the 'surprise' guest of the evening. My abs are killing me today, but it was a fun evening. I leave with some shots of the evening.

Hummm, beeeer

Hummm, foooood

Rudolf #1

Rudolf #2

He's the contra mestre, he can do it

Nice hat!

Got his own present in the exchange!

Preparing the after-birth


Shota and his bedroom eyes

Final roda

Learning to fly

Akio-kun at the back

Take this!

It's a bird, it's a plane; no it's Kame!

Nice handstand



End of Autmn part 3

The series continues, with a few more outtakes.

I like the out of focus background on this one

One of many shots of this leaf

A lot of CA on this one so I had to correct in post

Persimmons are ubiquitous at the end of fall in Japan

Study on shape 1

Study on shape 2

Background is a factory wall

Best Wishes for 2011

Thank you for your support this year and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


End of Autumn Continued

Some more shots from my current series. Very little or no post-production in most of them as usual. I set up my white balance, exposure, saturation and contrast in camera. I hope you enjoy them.

OK, so all the shots aren't last leaves; sue me! 

There was color in the sky for a few minutes

Reminds me of a Tim Burton image for some reason

Same leave as left.

Angle 1

Angle 2

Angle 3
Funky background


End of Autumn

As previously mentioned, I haven't shot the colors of fall so much, too busy with this or that in past weeks. Apparently, with the quick drop in temperatures, the colors were very nice this year. However, one theme that I have been attracted to is the end of the colors, when only one or a few leaves are left on a tree. I haven't shot tons of them, but the subjects appeals to me, perhaps as it represents the end of one part of my existence, my free, pre-child life. Of course with a child a new spring will come forth and I look forward to it, although, as is natural for someone in my position, there are still doubts in my head, not that I can do much about it.

Anyways, enough introspections, here are some shots, two of which I took this afternoon.