Day 2 for Kazuma Alexis

I promise, I won't pictures of my kid every day, but please give a 2-day old dad a break!

Yesterday the in-laws came to see him again. This time they had to look across a window, as kids have weak immune systems.

After they left, I got some personal time with my boy. Apparently he's crying a fair bit, usually quieting when he's fed. He must be hungry! While I held him he mostly stopped crying but after mom was gone for too long, even my best songs and rocking wouldn't satisfy him. I guess, not unlike his parents, his new life will take some time to really sink in.

As I had to leave at 8pm, hospital policy obliging, I had organized an impromptu celebration with my friends at the Blarney Stone, Shinsaibashi (Facehook is useful at times). On the way there, I took some shots of the Midosuji Illumination, here are 3 of the shots.

Then, this afternoon with some time on my hands, I used this last one and layered it with a picture of Kaz on day 1. The result isn't perfect, but it's fun to do. Enjoy!

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