Day One

On most mornings for the next month, this is the view I'll have from my place of work. Mind you, I won't take a shot everyday, and had to hurry to get this one.

After the lesson, I walked until a station later. I stopped by a bakery, met an acquaintance by coincidence, went to the Canon Gallery (the Nikon and Fujifilm ones look nicer, but the Canon one actually publicizes what the others will show in the future!), and got these shots along the way. Not necessarily the best shots, some are works in progress. Today is a grey day and I need to hurry back home to take care of Kaz, so don't expect shots of today.

Entrance of the office where I go

Entrance of the building next door

Famous sculpture on a bridge

I liked all the stickers, might get a few on my bicycle!

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