Video Cameraman

My friend Nick, who had organised the Tohoku trip one year ago, likes his adventures, in the countryside or in the city. Today he wanted to make a short about kayaking around some of the rivers and canals of Osaka, dubbed the Venice of Asia (minus the classical buildings, as they were basically all leveled in WW2). Not content with the 4-5 cameras on his kayaks, manned by himself and Woody and Greg (of Union Trouble video shoot fame), he wanted someone to film them as they paddled around the city. I got on as filmer, even if I basically have zero experience in the matter. But it was alright as he didn't want anything fancy like, small gods forbid, panning or zooming.

Obviously, considering my experience level, the first takes were probably terrible, but as things progressed, and the rain settled in, I think I started to get the hang of it. The video should be in some time on Youtube, I'll post it once it comes out.

Of course, I had old faithful with me, and here are basically the only stills I took, busy as I was focusing on the filming. Enjoy!

Block Convoy

Smartphone x Holga Lens & Filter x King Camera



Body Art - Capoeira Official Opening Party

Last night was the vernissage party for the photo exhibition. I'd say that in total a good 60-70 people showed up, more than I had imagined. Old faces, new faces, long-time-no-see faces and surprise faces came and it was great to see all of you. People had good comments about my pictures, although perhaps they were just being nice!

A big thank to all of you who came, to Capoeira West & Lagoa do Abaete for the energetic performance, and of course to &'s Tartines for the space and event. You can see the capoeira performance here. Enjoy!


The Odds Are Stacked

I succumbed to temptation and got a Holga lens filter dial for my smart phone. I know it's a bit gimmicky, I jokingly said on Facehook that my phone had been 'hipsterized', but hey, everyone gets their kicks one way or another. Enjoy!



Body Art - Capoeira: Paaaarty!


Body Art - Capoeira: Shootings Are Over

Wow, it was a close call.

With the exhibition starting next Wednesday, I was a little bit worried about getting all the shots in. But I did. Mother Nature and Rubber Boy came through and I got the last shot last night. Now the lesser interesting parts of post-processing, selecting and printing the captures remain, but it's all good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining: all work involves less fun parts, and photography is no exception. With some luck, down the road an assistant will be taking care of most of those duties and I'll have more time for family and shooting!

After the shoot, I went down to SoHo Gallery for the reception party of Fotografika III. I met old and new faces, and the vibe was excellent as always. Thanks again to Goldie and Celio for putting this up together, and I look forward to the next edition.

I also took the chance to (unofficially) register for SoHo's Art salad. I'll be showcasing my first iteration of my Black Swan series.

It truly was a fantastic day, here's a shot of Vanessa posing with her shot that was used for the flyer (totally warranted).


Body Art - Capoeira: Contra Mestre Toku

Tonight I had to honour of shooting my Contra Mestre, Toku. It was little strange since he is my sensei, yet, I was the one giving the orders. We managed to get the shots we wanted before the rain started, including this ghetto one: he might look the part, but he's no gangsta in the true term of the sense!

Body Art - Capoeira: Hey Ladies!

Last Monday I shot Kanako in Juso, and Wednesday night it was Mayumi's turn near Osaka Dome. These aren't the shots I'll show at the exhibit, as per the curator's request, but had I decided to have more than one shot per model, they could have easily been fitted in the exhibit. Enjoy!


Body Art: Capoeira @ &'s

This series will be featured as a solo exhibition from next week Wednesday April 25th until May 14th. If you have the chance, please drop on by, and let me know in advance and I'll try to come and meet you. While you are there, enjoy some great food by Christophe. I can't promise to be at &'s every day...


Body Art - Capoeira Continued

The captures in this gallery are coming along well. I'm up to 6 people now, and I've got 3 more coming this week: Kanako Monday night, Kawasaki-san Thursday night and Akio-kun next Saturday. I still need to find the way to do a shoot with contra-mestre Toku, which is proving a little difficult due to a new part-time position he took on. But as the exhibition starts in about 10 days, there is little time to waste! The flyer is almost done, too, I just need the confirmation of some info, including about the vernissage party.

Here are two shots from last week shoots; they'll probably not be in the exhibition as the curator wants me to stop showing the actual shots in advance. It makes sense, but I don't like to keep secrets so much! Enjoy.


Ms. Kotani's Artwork

I'm not superstitious, and this Friday the 13th has been pretty good to me, even if I was pretty busy. First I got my file ready and went to print my picture of Kazuo for the Fotografika exhibition starting next Tuesday. I made a few at different settings, before heading to the gallery. Celio and Goldie gave me some positive feedback, which might see me do another print! After, I met with Greg to hand over the still shots and video parts from the Union Trouble shoot last week.

And between printing and handing the picture, I stopped by Kouzu-miya to give Ms. Kotani the DVD with her portfolio pictures. With her consent, and all copyrights reserved, she allowed me to show you some of her art. I like some of the humor in her pictures, as well as her mother's sensibility in drawing scenes with children. Enjoy!


Quantum Suicide: A Union Trouble Old-Style Video Shoot

Last Saturday night I went to the Amagasaki ice rink to shoot stills during a Union Trouble video shoot for their song Quantum Suicide. It was the first time in a very long time I was watching adults play ice hockey in person. The video shoot, complete with an RC helicopter mounted with a Go Pro camera, went well, and took shots here and there. As I couldn't get too close to the action, my angles were limited, but I managed to get some decent shots (haven't really retouched them yet).

But in any case, here's a quick and dirty composite of the shoot. Enjoy!


Body Art - Capoeira Gallery

I'm really enthusiastic about this new series. In a way, it brings me back full circle since I originally started doing capoeira when I shot of Toshi and Kamei for a photo contest three years ago. It blends together three things that I enjoy a lot: photography (duh!), capoeira and Osaka. Many of the shoots are at different landmarks of this soulful city, and in other cases they're in locations I 'discover' riding my bicycle here and there.

I'm up to three models so far. I'll shoot Chika and Tomi Thursday night, Contra Mestre Toku Friday evening, and professor Toshi the following Monday. I hope to have time to capture at least 10 people for the exhibition. I spoke with Kawasaki-chan last Friday and she seemed interested. I should have talked to Akio's mom today at a kids event, I have an idea for a shot with the little rubber guy (I don't recommend watching this while eating).

I've created a gallery on www.terophoto.com with some of the best shot of this series. I will update it as the project continues. Enjoy!