Recent Randoms

From a trip to Nozawa Onsen for snowboarding to playing with the multi-exposure function and getting strange results from my smartphone, my blog silence doesn't mean I've been slack. Also, for the next Fotografika, whose theme is Awakening, I'm preparing perhaps one of my most ambitious set ever. Hopefully I can get it together!

Here are the randoms in question, click to enlarge.
During blizzard-like conditons 

The next day was fantastic!

Our inn is by the road, a bit off center to the right

Smartphone x King Camera

What got into my iphone? I like it!
Double exposure, in camera 


Atelier Corners '13.2.21

Yesterday I visited Atelier Corners as part of the ongoing PR-y project. It had been some time since my last visit, and as always the welcome was warm and sincere.

Present artists were Koh-chan, Mami-chan, Ya-chan, Nao-chan, Makoto-kun and Hiroki-kun. These last two were in good shape, continuing to play tricks on each other, while Hiroki also took pictures and continued talking. Mami-chan kept talking about starting to draw, but did little. Koh-chan spent a lot of time at the sink, and started to draw a little before lunch time. As for Ya-chan, he was shier than usual, but he kept on drawing. For her part, Nao-chan sat on the floor for most of the time, looking rather sleepy.

Something funny happened. Makoto, who was using crayons (a first for me to see it), looked over at Hiroki who was drawing self-portraits, and started to do his rendition of Hiroki's self-portrait! I don't know if he meant it as a joke or something, but I thought it was funny.

A few times Hiroki Hiroki picked up a camera (I think left by Luigi Clavareau) shot a few shots. He also used my extra dslr, which sadly had some troubles, most likely caused by the blizzard-like conditions last weekend in Nozawa. He seems to enjoy taking pictures a lot, I suspect the films will be mostly filled with his snaps.

Here are some pictures of the day. Enjoy!


Car Danchi 6 Contest

A while back ago, I sent my friend Neil Hartmann, snowboard filmmaker & photographer extraordinaire, a F*ck Tokyo, I Love Osaka t-shirt in return for a copy of his latest movie, Car Danchi 6. Perhaps because he forgot for a long time, in the end he sent me 4 copies!

Of course, I'll keep one.

As for the other three, I open a trading contest: what are you ready to trade in return for a copy of the movie. I am ready to ship internationally if the prize is right. Money doesn't count as a trade. Contest ends at 11:59pm February 14, Osaka time, since I love you all.

E-mail, comments on this entry or on FB are all acceptable, as well as in-person propositions.

Good luck!


Transnational Art 2013: The Final Day

Let me start by giving SoHo gallery - Naoko "Goldie"-san and Celio - my warmest thanks. The event was amazing: well organised, great attention to details, and very popular. They constantly push me to go further, it's hard to live up to their expectations, but in the end it's definitely worth. Every year they raise the bar higher, and make no mistakes, they'll confidently and successfully raise it again in the future.

The last day, Sunday, was quite popular with crowds. Not so surprisingly considering it was the weekend and the positive feedback the exhibition has been getting.

I came with Kaz, and the kawaiis still resonates in my ears.

I had interesting talks with Kim (NSFW, and sadly, for now at least, his Ama diver series is missing), and both being fathers, in addition to art, we had other more worldly topics to discuss.

Tessei came by with some pictures he took of me; one to sign, more to receive.

Kit was there again, and although we didn't talk as much as the previous night, there was no need to.

Sho, from Lagoa do Abaete, arrived at the end, and he had little time to explore the exhibition, but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy, pouring over artists' portfolios.

And all too soon, time for the take down came ringing, and it was quite a sad experience. Being much easier and faster, people were in and out in no time, without much cooperation, unlike the installation. Rather quickly, I felt pretty alone in the empty gallery, not yet realizing that it will probably take about a year to re-experience the same community feeling I had throughout the exhibit.

In my mind, art is about expression and communion; I certainly felt them during the whole week. We might have our differences, but dialogue is at the heart of our existence.

I leave you wish a shot from the last day, and some captures I took slowly walking back home, trying to hold on to those feelings for as long as I could. Click to enlarge, and enjoy.

Thanks for coming, Sho


Transnational Art 2013: Day 5

While I might have given the impression that on weekdays the exhibition wasn't too busy, although it was, yesterday Saturday saw some very good crowds going in and out throughout the day. Maybe they were interested in the art talks and performances, but I'd like to think they were there to enjoy the art and some discussions with the artists.

I reconnected with Japan Times writer and photographer Kit Pancoast, and we spent a good deal of time together talking with other artists and guests. It was a wonderful afternoon.

In the evening, I accompanied her to the station, which turned into a long walk along the Chuo-dori, into the Midosuji, all the way to Umeda. Of course, put two photographers on a walk together, and very soon it turns into a photowalk. We exchanged ideas, tips, and fed off each other. I don't know if I'd enjoy regular photowalks, but doind it with someone as engaging as her certainly was a good experience.

We then decided to go for a drink, and with her backstreet flair, Kit found a great little bar. We got inside, the welcome was courteous and sincere, and seeing a Guinness sign, we both went for it. Near the end of our first, she spotted some glowing blue and pink bottles on the bar and got intrigued. Ordering our second, we approached the bar to take a look at the bottles and other gems on the bar.

That's when we spotted it. A NBA trophy. No, not the National Basketball Association, but the Nippon Bartender Association. First prize. Then it came back to me. I remembered reading about this place, but I had no idea of its exact location. Leaving later and speaking with the master, we apologized for ordering beer, but that's really what we felt like. However, I will need to go back to Blossom and order a cocktail with one of the premium rums the bar boasts.

All in all, an excellent day in excellent company. We all need more of those.

Before I go, today Sunday is the last day of the exhibition. Come early as it closes in the middle of the afternoon. Hope to see you there, I'm planning to go with my son.

Kit doing her presentation
Danielle Fatkin with her friends
People enjoying Tomoya Imamura's video

Finish Line

Space Invaders


Transnational Art 2013: Days 2-3-4

It's a good thing I hadn't made a promise that I'd give you an update everyday...

The last three days went well, although since I was only present in the morning, in my view not some many people came, although people do keep coming (I'm not sure what busy actually looks like). I'm told things get busier in the afternoon, especially when offices start closing. If you can, I recommend coming early to avoid crowds and have a better chance to speak with the artists.

The morning smaller crowds allowed me to wander through the exhibitions, admire the art, and speak with some of the artists and organizers. I've had some really interesting conversations with many, giving me feedback and vice versa.

Today Saturday should see bigger crowds, especially with the afternoon events: from 1pm artists and people from galleries will giving a series of art talks. Then, from about 3pm there'll be some performances: Balinese dance, contemporary dance with live music and finally live Japanese calligraphy. Don't miss them!

Here are some shots from the last few days.
The sign notwithstanding, many people don't
look inside, something I need to address

One of Mr. Sunami's piece, with reflection of IP's painting

Micah Gampel & Peter Macintosh with their photographs

Ran & Julien of B;[logy] admiring the paintings

Black Swan Marlon and I

Someone looking in my manga