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Photo Shoot with Raphaelle

An acquaintance from the OEFF needed some shots for her modeling agency and we got a few shots tonight. We didn't get so many shots as one of my batteries seems to be having some problems. It happened too at the CM Festival two weeks ago, although I'm unsure if it is the same battery. Frustrating to say the least. But by warming the battery in my hands, I did get a few more pictures out of my camera, a trick not everyone may know.

As frustrating as it was, it gave me some good ideas for future shots, things to repeat and to avoid, and allowed us to get to know each other better. A model who feels at ease with a photographer will look better on the capture, and this applies to models and family members!

Luckily for me, Raphaelle was very understanding, especially as she doesn't need the shots too quickly. She recently got a new hairstyle and thus we focused on simple headshots during the session. She was easy to direct, with no attitude whatsoever. I look forward to working with her again. I leave you with the very last shot of the evening, perhaps my favorite of the bunch.


And The Winner Is...

... yours truly. Indeed, I entered and got first prize in the Costco Japan Photo Contest. Yeah! No real money, but lots of gift certificates, which will probably go towards buying diapers! Below are the letter and winning shot titled Enlightenment at Hase-dera.


Bicycle Diaries: Solo Exhibition

You are all invited to my first solo exhibition entitled Bicycle Diaries. I will present pictures I take while riding my bicycle around Kansai, most specifically Osaka and Hyogo prefectures. While my original shots included scenery, all the shots showcased will be of the denizens of the area, whether the walk on 2, 3 or 4 legs, or even on wheels! Technically, they might not always the most perfect shots, but I like it that way, as this exhibition is not meant to be taken too seriously. It's about the joy of shooting people, catching an instant of their lives. There is a voyeuristic element to it, I agree, but no disrespect is intended. I only wish to explore the realm of human existence in the urban Kansai context.

The exhibition will be held from Nov. 3 to Dec. 2 at the Shinsaibashi Blarney Stone. The opening party will be held on Nov. 3rd, and the gracious manager has agreed to run cocktails at ¥500 all night, as well as offer a pizza+Corona set at ¥1200. How often do you get well fed and a bit tipsy at that price?!?


Startrail (or my attempt)

Last night I ventured out of Osaka to the countryside to give a stab at startrail photography. My results were a little inconclusive, and I had to do some heavy yet simple work in postproduction to obtain this passable shot. The main factors were my proximity to the city and the humid air. The exposure was almost 30min at F/8. I learned quite a bit on this trip, and my time lapse shots should produce a decent short movie.

As is often the case, it was the shots I wasn't planning on taking that produced the results I liked the best. And without further ado, here's a shot of my favorite station (never had one before). I'll be back to shoot it exclusively in the near future I think.


Night of The Adeaters 2010 (CMフェスタ)

Last night (and I do mean night as it went from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.) was the annual Night of The Adeaters Osaka (CMフェスタ / Nuit des publivores). For the third year in a row, second as a photographer, I attended the event and had quite of bit of fun. There were many funny commercials from around the world, and here is the very first one, the only standout I could locate on youtube. Some of the others include a Brazilian  very easy to install furniture ad, some strong environmental and equality ones from Greenpeace, Amnesty International et al, and a funny Japanese one about an armpit shaver or cream, I can't remember for sure.

Well, I'll let the (many) pictures do the talking.

Producer Jean-Christian Bouvier welcoming the guests
Attendees grabbing freebies by the gracious sponsors
While the band played on, people hurried to get best seats
This place usually hosts classical concerts and musicals
Hatchi Hatchell (ハッチ八チェル) kicked things off
And off was the crowd for the marathon
During the breaks, guests made the best of more freebies
Others enjoyed Mimosa's innovative magic
Free samples of shochu (Japanese spirit) was also available
Free sport drinks hydrated others
From the second break, Capoeira West dazzled the crowd
The whole Capoeira West crew
A raffle also benefited many attendees
He has been attending 11 editions straight!
During breaks some took the opportunity to buy past editions...
... a well deserved beer
... or catch some rest (not during the ads, of course not)!
But the bands kept on going (check out my cameo on the big screen behind)
After the band played and just before the last session started, they presented a short commercial by yours truly, showing some pictures I took last year, as well as other shots. Sadly there was a technical glitch so there was no sound and it was interrupted. But rest assured, here it is, specially for you. The music is by Sylvain Esteve, as a soundtrack to an art project of mine. 


Kansai Scene Photo Calendar Contest

Kansai Scene magazine is holding a photo contest again this year, with the winning pictures featured in a calendar insert. If you remember, I "won" it last year (in as much as my entry was selected as the cover shot) and there is no reason why you couldn't cover yourself with laurels this year. The theme is "People of Kansai" and you can get all the information here. Good luck!

Manu Chao in Concert

I went to the Manu Chao concert as a fan last night at Club Quattro, Osaka. It was really one of he best shows I've seen in my life. The energy at the show was manu-tastic! I took a few shots during the concert, something I guess I wasn't supposed to do. Actually, my friend got spotted at the entrance and had to leave his camera at the door. Funnily enough, though, during the concert another friend (especially) and I shot pictures, and although the staff saw us, they said nothing!

I took shots mostly as souvenirs of a wonderful evening, and you can see my protected shots here; I won't leave the gallery available for too long, so enjoy it while you can. Otherwise, you'll be able to enjoy some shots on, although for now they only have shots of the Tokyo show.