Photo Shoot Outtake

Yesterday I visited my fellow capoeirista Kame and Yuma to take portraits of them. It wasn't the first time I was shooting them, actually Kame was one of the very first capoeirista I took pictures of. But this time the shots were of a different kind, as Yuma is 8-month pregnant.

It was a very friendly shoot, and Yuma felt very comfortable exposing her belly, even if in general Japanese can feel a little shy in many situations. When doing portraits, it is very important that models feel comfortable with the photographer, and of course working with friends is quite helpful. Always compliment them and with digital cameras show them results throughout the shoot, as they may give suggestions with shots and will let you know what they like and don't like. You may be the photographer, but they are the client and final judge!

I hope they will allow me to put some pictures on here. Until then, here's a picture I took returning home by bicycle.

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