Nakanoshima Renaissance Illumination

Today was the Kameraoke 5 party, but my wife and I didn't stay too long as she didn't like the smoky smell. Cafe Absinthe doesn't stink for regular people, but when you're 37-week pregnant, things are different. All the shots were very nice, I wish I could tell you who won. I think that if one of my shot had been better positioned, it would have stood a chance, but regardless, the spirit of the event was fun, and I certainly had lots of it shooting for it.

After, we went along the Midosuji street that is illuminated these days. It was pretty nice, but not as much as the lights around Nakanoshima. We walk a great deal, certainly more than the daily 3 hours (!) my wife was prescribed by her doctor. I had little expectations, but I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit. My wife and I got to go on a date together, something we've had little time in the past few months (and a lot is my fault...); we had some decent food (I tried some Russian food, which was good but it would have been better in an actual); and my wife was kind enough to let me take quite a few snaps. Here are some of the highlights, no pun intended! Click on them to see larger files.

The main entrance, shot from the side

I liked the Avatar look on this one

Who cares about the illumination; feed my belly!

My wife liked when the pink showed in the back

This is Osaka, where are the Tigers!?!

Gotta love puddles

Different tableaux were shown successively

Columns like candy canes: yummy!

I liked the lines

They even had a skating rink!

Return of the Giant Rubber Duckie (famous B-movie)

Patterns, patterns, patterns

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