Return on Kameraoke

Through Facehook, I learned that one of my shots was chosen by the people as one of the best in the Kameraoke contest last week. I'm pretty happy as most of the people present were photographers or much interested in the subject. It came a bit as a surprise though, as the picture was not so well located I thought. But I guess it left a strong enough impression that people enjoyed it.

As with the case of many great pictures, the subject is a little irrelevant. Here, the Tempozan Ferris wheel is just a means to show two components of design, color (red) and line. The support leads the eye into the picture, finishing near an imaginary point dictated by the rule of thirds (something the ancient Greeks discovered), bringing us close the other strong line. If you remember, originally, I took pictures of the attraction to include in the wheels category, but when I got this shot, it was the lines that took over and entered in the contest as such.

What I really like about this shot too is that it is not clear exactly what the subject is. Sure, it is a Ferris wheel, but many people have likened it to a space station or even a planet with a sun coming out of the horizon. Conceptual photography can be very challenging to take, but then again, that's the fun part.

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