On Christmas night Lagoa do Abaete Japao, with whom I play capoeira, had a roda followed by a party. Pino with his wife and 7-month old daughter, and Kame & Yuma, who's baby is about to pop, were some of the 'surprise' guest of the evening. My abs are killing me today, but it was a fun evening. I leave with some shots of the evening.

Hummm, beeeer

Hummm, foooood

Rudolf #1

Rudolf #2

He's the contra mestre, he can do it

Nice hat!

Got his own present in the exchange!

Preparing the after-birth


Shota and his bedroom eyes

Final roda

Learning to fly

Akio-kun at the back

Take this!

It's a bird, it's a plane; no it's Kame!

Nice handstand


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