Kame, Yuma & ...

Kame and Yuma were kind to allow me to show you some pictures I took of them. Well, Yuma said only the cute ones, and I hope these apply. We shot the pictures at their place, and I brought a large black cloth as background for some of the shots. It wasn't perfect, but it worked out fine (especially considering the price I paid for it; I love DIY and cheap cloth is easily available in Semba). We mostly shot in their bedroom (futons out) as it is the brightest room in their apartment, and we shot a few in their living room as well.

The B&W aren't true BW, they're tri/quadtones. They looked nice on PS, but I'm unsure elsewhere since in Aperture they look a little washed out. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I saved them in CMYK, as I will print them for the happy family. Let me know if they look horrible on your end!


  1. You're right about the CMYK and washout. Four color vs 3 color -- stuff gets messed up when viewing.

    They look like they had fun!

  2. What a nice pictures!! Especially Kame-chan's smile shows their happiness, I think:)
    At the last photo black colour is rather strong, but I feel warm. I like this photo!