Thirty Day Challenge: One Stranger at a Time

Since seeing this TED Talk, I've been doing 30-day challenges; in October I opted to do sit ups daily and failed, while in November I decided to go dry, and except for a few moments, especially during OEFF parties, it was much easier than anticipated.

This month I've decided to go out of my comfort zone and try to get the picture of consenting stranger a day. After what I think were failed opportunities, I got the courage to strike up a conversation with a benevolent Osaka citizen who was raking leaves on a path I often use when riding to work, only to get rejected.

Luckily by coincidence I ended meeting a spectator of the OEFF and while enjoying some refreshments (OK, post-w*rk suds) I took this shot of the bar's (only?) staff. I cropped to 4x5 and converted to B/W; history will tell if I do the same with the others (4x5 more likely).

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