A Stranger at a Time: Day 9

Wow, already day 9 of this 31-day challenge. I struck out one day, not bad I think; I did much worse the month I tried to do sit-ups every day!

After a morning shoot for the PR-Y project and I meeting about a Christmas Day (hmmm) wedding shoot (oh!), as I was riding my bicycle back home, I spotted someone carrying a large format film camera on a tripod down the street near the Higobashi Beer Belly (that'd be an awesome client to have!), I directly asked him if I could take his picture. Being a foreigner, he was startled and thought I made a mistake, that I was asking him to take my picture, and I when I made myself clear, he asked me why. I answered he was carrying a nice camera and that seemed to satisfy him. Photographers are a weird bunch, but we understand each other and he was happy to oblige. I captured him with some late afternoon light coming through buildings. We went on to talk shop, and he was on his way to try to get reflections off the water of the towers on Nakanoshima, but with the wind, the water was pretty choppy, so he probably didn't get the shots he wanted, if he even tried.

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