A Stranger at a Time: Day 8

This morning I took two portrait in less than 15 minutes! Excellent, I won't need to carry my camera for the rest of the day. I usually always do, but since I'm planning a short run after w*rk to test my shoulder, I'm happy to leave as much extra at home as possible.

The first gentleman was fishing under the rain at a pond in Itami. After taking some scenery shots, he noticed me, we exchanged pleasantries, and I asked him if I could take his portrait. He used to shoot film quite a bit and bemoaned the instancy and shoot-and-delete aspects of digital photography. I partly agree with him, but each media has it particularities, and no one is forced to press the shutter. I was happy to be able to get lots of shots last Sunday while taking pictures of my friends doing capoeira. They'll be glad to have the option of choosing between many pictures, something I couldn't have done with film (actual film and development are expensive) since I was doing this as a service to my fellow capoeristas.

A few minutes later, going through a temple, a woman asked me directions to a place I didn't know; actually I didn't even understand the type of place she was looking for. After some explanation I deduced it was some sort of learning center related to temples, but I could be wrong. She was holding a nice pink umbrella and with the colors of the leaves and the rain, I thought it'd be perfect as an autumn scene. She readily obliged to my request, and we then went searching for the place she was looking for, but to no avail. Hopefully she found someone who could guide her better than I.

I decided to put two pictures today since both were significant to me in their own way.

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