A Stranger at a Time: Day 20

This is the 20th day of my experience. December is the 12th month. This is post #240 of this blog.
20 x 12 = 240
Coincidence? You'll be the judge!

In any case, finding willing models wasn't so difficult today. Part of it was choosing a good location, an illumination event like there are so many these days. And then, a bit to my surprise, asking directly for a picture is easier than first trying to establish a conversation. When I started the project I would often start conversations, and then ask for a picture, which often ended up with negative answers, especially with women. But yesterday I asked 5 different women if I could taker their picture and 3 agreed. I suppose that with all the nanpa going on, if I ask for a picture they know what they're in for and don't think about it more. Perhaps being a foreigner helps, as some acquaintances suggested.

I liked this picture more than the others, especially because of the woman's natural smile and look. I hope you like it, too.

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