Manu Chao in Concert

I went to the Manu Chao concert as a fan last night at Club Quattro, Osaka. It was really one of he best shows I've seen in my life. The energy at the show was manu-tastic! I took a few shots during the concert, something I guess I wasn't supposed to do. Actually, my friend got spotted at the entrance and had to leave his camera at the door. Funnily enough, though, during the concert another friend (especially) and I shot pictures, and although the staff saw us, they said nothing!

I took shots mostly as souvenirs of a wonderful evening, and you can see my protected shots here; I won't leave the gallery available for too long, so enjoy it while you can. Otherwise, you'll be able to enjoy some shots on Smashingmag.com, although for now they only have shots of the Tokyo show.

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