Photo Shoot with Raphaelle

An acquaintance from the OEFF needed some shots for her modeling agency and we got a few shots tonight. We didn't get so many shots as one of my batteries seems to be having some problems. It happened too at the CM Festival two weeks ago, although I'm unsure if it is the same battery. Frustrating to say the least. But by warming the battery in my hands, I did get a few more pictures out of my camera, a trick not everyone may know.

As frustrating as it was, it gave me some good ideas for future shots, things to repeat and to avoid, and allowed us to get to know each other better. A model who feels at ease with a photographer will look better on the capture, and this applies to models and family members!

Luckily for me, Raphaelle was very understanding, especially as she doesn't need the shots too quickly. She recently got a new hairstyle and thus we focused on simple headshots during the session. She was easy to direct, with no attitude whatsoever. I look forward to working with her again. I leave you with the very last shot of the evening, perhaps my favorite of the bunch.

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