Pictures from the Takedao Art Event 2010

Yesterday was the Takedao Art Event organized by Charles-Eric Billard. A gathering of creative and festive people, it was nice to get out to the country, enjoy some great art, both performance and visual, and catch up & meet people. I had been through the tunnels before, but it was a whole different experience this time with great pictures and installations, including two somewhat disturbing teddy bears whose eyes changed colors along an psychedelic soundtrack. The celebrations went on all night, but I returned home relatively early.

But before that, I had a fantastic time and obviously took a few pictures along the way, especially of the performances. But I was too silly to take actual pictures of the installations, including mine. Luckily for me though, Hiromi & Atsuko danced in front of my shots, so I do have some record of it. You can see some of my shots here.

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