Shoot With Aya

Aya is the daughter of my friend Cindy. After a call on Facehook for models for a current project, Cindy got in touch with me, saying that her daughter(!) might be interested. At first I was unsure about taking sensual pictures of a 16-year-old daughter of a friend, but it went really good.

It was kind of a strange feeling though, as I really looked at her a subject to be photographed, and nothing more. I hope I don't sound shallow or selfish saying this. At the same time, I was also hoping to please her, getting shots that she would enjoy as well. In any case, I got shots that I'm very happy with. I'd post a picture or two here, but I haven't heard form Cindy yet. I believe she'll be fine with them, but I would never jeopardize friendship for a picture.

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