Nomadesse in Concert

Nomadesse and her husband Philippe, French Canadian compatriots, played a small live concert in a small traditional Kyoto house (called machiya). I learned about them through a Montreal newspaper blog and we quickly got in touch. They played a variety of chansons in French, English and Japanese. Valerie's voice, her real name, is quite beautiful to listen to, and she sang by far the best live version of Country Road by John Denver; having only heard drunk salarymen sing it before, perhaps my judgement isn't too reliable, but she was very good!

There were other francophones, including some I had met before, and I had some good chats with they and locals. The high humidity and close quarters made everyone sweaty, but we hardly noticed, enthralled by Nomadesse's voice.

Well, here are some pictures, and if you're in Quebec City in the future, check her out!

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