Photo Shoot with Tony Flenley

Tony Flenley is a British miso maker in Osaka. I interviewed and photographed him for an upcoming Kansai Scene article. When the call came out for this assignment, I was probably the first to answer (lucky timing), with the added bonus that I knew him: he's an occasional participant with some of the Kansai Hash House Harriers.

His factory is located near the Kyocera Dome near Osaka port, with big red doors as the entrance. The interview was a little different from others I've done since I knew him. Although we have shared a few beers and sake glasses before, it was the first time we were meeting in a dry setting! Some might argue that interviewing someone you know isn't true journalism, and I will agree if it were an interview with a controversial personality. But for a portrait, I think that knowing the person actually helps as (s)he will tend to be more forthcoming with information and feel relaxed, providing a better insight into the character.

In any case, the article should be out in either the July or August issue, and here is an outtake from the quick photo shoot. For Strobists, umbrella to camera left for fill light, as this was shot around noon. A reflector to camera right could have been nice, but I like the shadow as it adds some character.

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