Good Photo Session

On a morning run the other I noticed a bicycle sticking out of a river. I thought it would make an excellent subject for one of my current photo projects, Machine Death. Stupid as I was, I didn't go back the same day, although it wasn't so stupid as I had a fantastic wedding anniversary date instead.

What had struck me was how low the water level was, and I figured that since it hadn't rained since, the level had stayed the same. With this in mind, when I woke up at 5:12 this morning, I grabbed my camera, tripod and polarizing lens, jumped on my bike and went to shoot it. As you can see below, though, the water level had gone up. But that did not deter me and I came out with some interesting shots. This one is not my favorite, you'll have to wait for the exhibition to see the best one(s).

By the way, mom, thanks for the food coloring. I used but sadly the medium wasn't very good for this shot. But the color was perfect!

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