Video Cameraman

My friend Nick, who had organised the Tohoku trip one year ago, likes his adventures, in the countryside or in the city. Today he wanted to make a short about kayaking around some of the rivers and canals of Osaka, dubbed the Venice of Asia (minus the classical buildings, as they were basically all leveled in WW2). Not content with the 4-5 cameras on his kayaks, manned by himself and Woody and Greg (of Union Trouble video shoot fame), he wanted someone to film them as they paddled around the city. I got on as filmer, even if I basically have zero experience in the matter. But it was alright as he didn't want anything fancy like, small gods forbid, panning or zooming.

Obviously, considering my experience level, the first takes were probably terrible, but as things progressed, and the rain settled in, I think I started to get the hang of it. The video should be in some time on Youtube, I'll post it once it comes out.

Of course, I had old faithful with me, and here are basically the only stills I took, busy as I was focusing on the filming. Enjoy!

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