Body Art - Capoeira Gallery

I'm really enthusiastic about this new series. In a way, it brings me back full circle since I originally started doing capoeira when I shot of Toshi and Kamei for a photo contest three years ago. It blends together three things that I enjoy a lot: photography (duh!), capoeira and Osaka. Many of the shoots are at different landmarks of this soulful city, and in other cases they're in locations I 'discover' riding my bicycle here and there.

I'm up to three models so far. I'll shoot Chika and Tomi Thursday night, Contra Mestre Toku Friday evening, and professor Toshi the following Monday. I hope to have time to capture at least 10 people for the exhibition. I spoke with Kawasaki-chan last Friday and she seemed interested. I should have talked to Akio's mom today at a kids event, I have an idea for a shot with the little rubber guy (I don't recommend watching this while eating).

I've created a gallery on www.terophoto.com with some of the best shot of this series. I will update it as the project continues. Enjoy!

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