Body Art - Capoeira Continued

The captures in this gallery are coming along well. I'm up to 6 people now, and I've got 3 more coming this week: Kanako Monday night, Kawasaki-san Thursday night and Akio-kun next Saturday. I still need to find the way to do a shoot with contra-mestre Toku, which is proving a little difficult due to a new part-time position he took on. But as the exhibition starts in about 10 days, there is little time to waste! The flyer is almost done, too, I just need the confirmation of some info, including about the vernissage party.

Here are two shots from last week shoots; they'll probably not be in the exhibition as the curator wants me to stop showing the actual shots in advance. It makes sense, but I don't like to keep secrets so much! Enjoy.

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