Ms. Kotani's Artwork

I'm not superstitious, and this Friday the 13th has been pretty good to me, even if I was pretty busy. First I got my file ready and went to print my picture of Kazuo for the Fotografika exhibition starting next Tuesday. I made a few at different settings, before heading to the gallery. Celio and Goldie gave me some positive feedback, which might see me do another print! After, I met with Greg to hand over the still shots and video parts from the Union Trouble shoot last week.

And between printing and handing the picture, I stopped by Kouzu-miya to give Ms. Kotani the DVD with her portfolio pictures. With her consent, and all copyrights reserved, she allowed me to show you some of her art. I like some of the humor in her pictures, as well as her mother's sensibility in drawing scenes with children. Enjoy!

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