Montbell Charity Event: Super D in Action

Diane Orrett is an awesome woman. So much so that from now on I shall refer to her as Super D. There just isn't a better way to describe her. In case you didn't know, she spent 5 days in Tohoku, the tsunami-afflicted area, helping out volunteer crews to load, unload and distribute necessities (such as hand lotion, honestly), as well as entertaining locals, young and old, with her balloon antics.

Today and tomorrow Montbell is hosting it's Friends' Fair, with this year's proceeds going to relief efforts. Super D was on hand to entertain the crowds and collect some donations. I met the president of the company, Mr. Tatsuno. I took the opportunity to thank him personally, as his company sponsored my Trailwalker team when we joined in 2007 and 2008 (I'd like to join again, but it ain't that easy to find 3 other like-minded individuals and find the time and energy to train for it: go for it, do it at least once, it is worth it; I hope to join again in a few years). Along the big cheese, I did meet many interesting people, and if you read this in time, please drop by; besides the stands and outlet section, there are many activities for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some shots from today.

Transporting the wall of friendship

Yes you can!

Yes we can!

Yes I could

Yes I can (with a little help from my friend)

This is the way you do it

Spirit Sisters

Serious as ever

Who's the fairest one of all?

Super D and I wished we were still (recognized as) kids

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