It Is Time.

Well, it's time for me to leave my comfortable nest, my wife and son, and get dirty. Especially considering since they're both running some fevers (nothing too serious, rest assured), it's not easy to do. But this is something I feel I have to do. The reasons are many-fold, and I guess it boils down to this: Japan has given me so much, and I wish to give something back.

Someone posted this on our secret group in Facebook (some members are going even if their families or workplace are against it), and I wish to share it with you:

Why we go.
There's a scene in "The Blues Brothers" where Jake and Elwood pick up dry white toast, four fried chickens with a Coke, ...and one more of their old band members. They're getting the band together (and so are we). The man can't leave work, can he? Responsibilities! He can't leave his wife and family, can he? Yes, he can. And his wife (played by Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul), understands.
What is the point of this message? Just to suggest that if you're in doubt about your reason for going, consider that "You are doing this for your family." Not for your company (to hell with work); rather, for family. Family comes first, work does not. 99 times out a 100, to live for your family means staying right with them no matter what. That one other time means: GO, get the band together, and protect the society in which your family is trying to reside. We do it for our families.

Lucky for you, I have found the way to post picks directly from my cell phone, so I will try to post something everyday of our trip. Our message is one of reconstruction and hope, don't expect anything else on here.

Well, I need to wake up in less than 7 hours. Of course there was a SNAFU tonight, but it's gonna alright. Here's perhaps a song that resumes well my thoughts, and here are the first two pictures of the trip.

I got more than I bargained for when I offered to do a
Costco run for the group, more than half my luggage is
food for volunteers; GOMA & JRS and The Holy Grail
will keep us entertained on the 12-hour drive.

My cellphone wallpaper for the trip

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