Fotografika Reception Party

Last night was the reception party for the Fotografika exhibition I joined. I feel humble to be amongst so many talented photographers and artists. This year, as I mentioned, the theme is midnight and the pictures represented the theme quite well, with every photographers' interpretations. The party was lively, and it was great to talk shop with many of the people present. The daughter of one of the artist of course stole the show, and my model, Diane, also showed up. Thank SoHo Gallery for a great evening and exhibition.

Things were still civil then

Mireiyu and her daughter: where's Duckie?

Don't worry, she was drinking softies

Canon people: you're excused

Nikon people, with at least 2 missing on the shot

I'll show you the strength of my Kung Fu

On the right the mother who didn't worry a bit

Celio, one of the gallery owners

My model on the left

Fun times for all

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  1. WOW some time with little Angelique. she's a great kid with awesome parents!!