Around JR Takedao

During and after my morning class yesterday I literally shot thousands of shots for a timelapse video I'm slowly preparing. Part of the shots I took were from the 15th story of an office building on Nakanoshima and will give a nice bird view of the snow we had yesterday.

In the afternoon, I went to Takedao hoping to get some shots of snow-covered mountains. But as luck would have, even if it was in the countryside, the snow had already melted. Actually, I think it received less precipitation than the city. In any case, having made the trip, I decided to scout for future startrail attempts and have fun with my macro lens, which, in the end, did not get much use for its intended purpose.

My first discovery was an abandoned bag storage building. I shall definitely go back and be a bit more adventurous inside, but as I was rather unprepared, I basically stayed outside, although I did get a few shots. Here's my favorite, shot with my 24-70 at its hyperfocal distance (remember to click on them if you want larger versions).

After, I continued my exploration and found the way to the river on the other side. The last time I had  looked for it in vain, and should I go back for startrails, I think I've got a good composition dialed in. After, I went back my way and crossed the river. After going through two tunnels, I went down by the river and got these two shots. I got second one by climbing onto the the big rock at the bottom of the first picture.

Some post-production, but big thanks to Mr. Polarizer

River Spirit

As it was starting to get dark, I returned towards the station, once to get the tunnel shot below (different tunnel than where the Takedao Art Event takes place) and the other after the last tunnel to get the second shot. It may be a little too early to tell, but I think that my baby pictures aside, it might end up being one of favorite shots of 2011, even if it is quite early to say.

I look forward to making a large print.

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