First Meetings

Kaz met Mr. Softbox tonight. As he's feeling pretty genki, I decided to get them acquainted. One strobe in a medium-sized softbox, usually placed within 75cm of the model. For the shot in which I appear, an anonymous pro photographer came in, with fantastic result. All shot with my 24-70mm lens, as the macro would have complicated matters. Let's start easy on the boy.

His 'Air Jordan' impression

One of the only 'smile' we squeezed out of him

Love the connection
Couldn't have framed it better.


  1. Aw nice!Love the last two especially.

  2. Me too, the last two are my favorites.

  3. soooo absolutely adorable!!! can't wait to meet him and see the OKUSAN no longer pregnant...

  4. C'est incroyable comme il vieillit rapidement. Est-ce que tu lui donnes déjà des Whippets ?