First Impressions: Wow!

Whenever I shot macros before, I had to use extension tubes which are a very good alternative to a dedicated macro lens. The problem I encountered, though, is the lens, they would bend, making framing and focusing a burden. The Tokina 100mm lens I got, on the other hand, is a joy to use. For one, although recommended for most macro shots, it's very easy to use without a tripod, making it very convenient. Also, compared to my 70-300mm I usually took my shots with, it is VERY sharp. Well, here are some shots, all handheld, that I took today at home, on my way to work, and at work. Remember, I wasn't interested in reinventing the wheel with these, I was just testing the lens out and exploring its possibilities. These are more for camera geeks than artists.

I honestly bought the lens thinking about close-ups of my
son; of course my first real shot is of him. ISO 800 f/8

A greeting card from my friend Masayo. ISO 1600 f/16

Love the fuzz. ISO 1600, f/11

Fish. ISO 400, f/11

Curtains. ISO 200 f/3.2

Heart. ISO 400 f/8 More DOF would have been better,
but it was handheld.

Whole picture ISO 200 f/16
Cropped at the focus point.

Lamppost ISO 200 f/16

Tea bottle. ISO 200 f/16 0.6s (sort of stablilised on table)

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  1. Isn't this lens fantastic? I've owned it for a couple years and have never regretted buying it.