Rooftop Improvisations

In my last entry, I wrote about shooting the sunrise. What I hadn't told you, though, is that the evening before, I attended a fantastic dance and music performance called Rooftop Improvisations. It was held on the rooftop (duh) of a building in Shinsaibashi, in a space called AFU. With the almost full moon out, the time I spent there was almost magical. It was great experience and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the performers and you can see them here.

I know one of them fairly well, Charles-Eric Billard, a Quebec compatriot. We don't get together that often, but we run into each other often in rather coincidental occasions. He built many instruments, with which he creates all kinds of musical landscapes. He also dabbles, well more than dabbles since his work is recognized, in art installations and 3-D photography.

Two other members I talked with were Reiko Imanishi, a young and talented koto player, who isn't afraid to use her instrument in unconventional ways, including with a violin bow, and with Jerry Gordon, who plays numerous instruments. All in all, it was a great night out, and bless their souls for spiritually enriching my life.

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