Post-apocalyptic sunrise over Osaka

On  a few morning weekends this summer the Osaka building in Umeda opened its rooftop observatory for early birds who wanted to see the sunrise. Judging by the guard on top, it was probably his own initiative, as he had a camera around his neck, like many of the people who showed up Sunday morning, the last opportunity to do so this year. We must have been thirty people there, a good third of them with tripods like myself. The guy next to me actually had a film camera (a Pentax 35mm, not sure the actual model number) and I was lucky to be the first out of the elevator and took what I thought was the best position. Actually, a bit to the right would have been better, but I am happy looking at the shots.

Sadly the weather didn't create some awesome colors as I would have wished (I know I could play with post-prod software), but in the end it produced some interesting shots, that looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie, save that the buildings are still in decent condition. When life gives you lemons, make post-apocalyptic views! Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Can you spot the Sun rising?
Good use of a grad filter.
Reminiscent of Benoit Aquin's Far East, Far West.
Another photographer.


  1. Wow! Very good for this kind of sky!

  2. Well, we always have to make we what we have, don't we! I wasn't just gonna pack my bags and leave, especially after waking at 3:50 a.m. and shelling some yen to get up there.