For the past two days, there have been some interesting cloud formations in the sky, and although they are far from being my favorite subjects, I couldn't resist, especially as they can come in useful commercially in the future. While before the sky was quite hazy everyday before, it cleared up and some nice clouds have appeared. Most of the shots benefited from a polarizer. As a side note, you can make rainbow disappear with polarizers, should you ever want to.

The first shot in the series. A bit of contrast and sharpening in post-production.

Here I used the polarizer to remove much of the reflection on the water, to emphasize the lighted cloud in the sky.
Sharpened in post production, and slight colour adjustment. I particularly like the 'goosebumps' above the building.
Shot from my balcony, just as with the first shot. The colours at sunset were gorgeous.

OK, so not really a cloud picture, but coming out of my class, I saw the rainbow, and as I was rushing to the river to shoot, I spotted this scene and I thought the composition was much better than an industrial river side.

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