Lagoa do Abaete in Suma

Saturday my capoeira group went to Suma beach for Dance Studio Camuro annual showcase, SumaRoc10. As always, we held our demonstration outdoors, thus free, and on the beach. The weather was outstanding, the grapes and drinks cool, and the sea was OK, although there were quite a few baby jellyfish in the water (it felt a little spicy)! We had a lot of fun, and of course I took a bunch of shots, all with my polarizer. Here are some of them. Enjoy!

First on the left is my contra mestre, Toku, and third from the left is Shouta, one of the instructors. Fill flash used.
Kids can kick some capoeira hump too!
Toku in white, Kazuo on the left. I suspect he'll get a new corda (capoeira equivalent of a belt) at our next batizado.
Shouta high kicking one of our ex-students.
Swimming was enjoyed by all.
Instructor Toshi mid-air during a backflip. I love how the quick shutter speed, 1/1000s froze the water flying off his feet.


  1. Ah! Tu fais de la capoeira! Je ne savais pas! Moi aussi, j'en ai fait un peu plus d'un an!
    C'est de la capoeira régional et non de la angola d'après les habits?

  2. Exact. On fait de l'Angola de temps a autre, mais surtout de la regional. Tu faisais quoi et avec quel groupe?