Transnational Art 2013: Day 5

While I might have given the impression that on weekdays the exhibition wasn't too busy, although it was, yesterday Saturday saw some very good crowds going in and out throughout the day. Maybe they were interested in the art talks and performances, but I'd like to think they were there to enjoy the art and some discussions with the artists.

I reconnected with Japan Times writer and photographer Kit Pancoast, and we spent a good deal of time together talking with other artists and guests. It was a wonderful afternoon.

In the evening, I accompanied her to the station, which turned into a long walk along the Chuo-dori, into the Midosuji, all the way to Umeda. Of course, put two photographers on a walk together, and very soon it turns into a photowalk. We exchanged ideas, tips, and fed off each other. I don't know if I'd enjoy regular photowalks, but doind it with someone as engaging as her certainly was a good experience.

We then decided to go for a drink, and with her backstreet flair, Kit found a great little bar. We got inside, the welcome was courteous and sincere, and seeing a Guinness sign, we both went for it. Near the end of our first, she spotted some glowing blue and pink bottles on the bar and got intrigued. Ordering our second, we approached the bar to take a look at the bottles and other gems on the bar.

That's when we spotted it. A NBA trophy. No, not the National Basketball Association, but the Nippon Bartender Association. First prize. Then it came back to me. I remembered reading about this place, but I had no idea of its exact location. Leaving later and speaking with the master, we apologized for ordering beer, but that's really what we felt like. However, I will need to go back to Blossom and order a cocktail with one of the premium rums the bar boasts.

All in all, an excellent day in excellent company. We all need more of those.

Before I go, today Sunday is the last day of the exhibition. Come early as it closes in the middle of the afternoon. Hope to see you there, I'm planning to go with my son.

Kit doing her presentation
Danielle Fatkin with her friends
People enjoying Tomoya Imamura's video

Finish Line

Space Invaders

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  1. It was a vibrant and incredibly enjoyable evening, JY! Thank you so much for walking me around your amazing, and photogenic, city! Can't wait to visit again, and do a duo shoot. Energizing and informative! (Kit)