Transnational Art 2013

From Tuesday 1/29 to Sunday 2/3 SoHo Gallery is putting together the annual Transnational Art exhibition, gathering artists of all horizons under one roof. Sculptures, videos, painting, and of course photography are displayed, with the commonality being that, in the words of curator Celio Baretto, all artists "work their butts off"!

I'm presenting the latest iteration of my photo manga Black Swan. I bit a little more than I could chew with the insertion of my work in an actual manga, but the result is satisfying. Installation was a breeze for me, so I helped a number of other artists with their own mounting. It was the case with PR-y collaborator Rob Walbers and French photographer Luigi Clavareau, with whom I had good discussions.

Come on by to the exhibition. It is held at the Enokojima Arts, Culture and Creative Center, a 3-minute walk west of exit 8 of Awaza station in downtown Osaka. I plan to be there every week day from 11am to about 2pm, and from about 1:30 on Saturday. See you there!

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