Second Photo Shoot of the Day: Black Swan Becky

After the morning's Corners shoot, I had lunch at El Zocalo (lived up to its reputation), visited a few galleries to get some inspiration, before meeting Becky for the first photoshoot of a new series called Black Swan. This series has nothing to do with the movie of the same title, it's actually inspired by Nicholas Taleb's theory of how unpredictable, random events are often the ones that affect our lives the most because they are so unpredictable.

I met Becky by chance a few week's back, and  I quickly thought she'd be a good subject for this project which has been germinating in my mind for some time. We only had the chance to really talk to each other yesterday for the first time. We realized we have many friends in common, especially since her fianc√© works at a popular club in Osaka, where other of my friends are working/have worked.

When I met her, I quickly realized she'd be great for my project. We started the shoot at her place, continued commuting to Chopsticks Tattoo, where the main shoot occurred. Even though I came unannounced, the tattoo artist, Ben Her, was enthusiastic about me shooting, especially since I could teach him a thing or two about using a DSLR. Talented and creative as he is, he'll have it down in no time, I'm sure.

Coming back to Becky, I was a little surprised to see basically no signs of suffering on her face throughout the shoot. Then again, considering she had her first ink done at 18 and that she has some on both her arms (5 sessions for her other arm, not sure about this one, but at least 2 considering the colors) and her back, perhaps this is not too surprising. The conversation was pretty lively, I mostly let them talk as I didn't want to interfere. The tattooing was finished in under 3 hours and after some final shots, off home we were.

Well, here are some previews of the shots, basically no adjustments on the pictures. The cropping will probably be similar for the final product.

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